Medical Doctor

Agustín Fischer Castells

He was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, on January 4, 1993. Doctor in Medicine, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Uruguay.

Technical Advisor of FISCHER ABOGADOS, acts in the areas of Intellectual Property, Invention Patents, Biotechnology & Life Sciences and Plant Varieties. Responsible for the management and advice of numerous innovation projects.

Including among other things the realization of Patent Searches, Analysis of Patentability, drafting of Patent Applications, technical reports and defenses.

Dr. Agustín Fischer Castells participated in the workshops for the drafting of patent applications in the areas of mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering, telecommunications, biotechnology and pharmaceutical chemistry, in charge of the World Intellectual Property Organization in cooperation with the National Directorate of the Industrial Property of Uruguay in the year 2011.

He performed his medical practices at the Hospital de Clínicas "Dr. Manuel Quíntela" from Montevideo, Uruguay and culminated his studies in 2018 with an internship at the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Dr. Fischer has extensive experience and practice in the processing and obtaining of Intellectual Property rights in the field of patents in all its phases and stages, including its technical aspects, as well as in the formal and substantive compliance with the patentability requirements. He has intervened in the defense teams of the patent rights of the firm's clients and in matters of compliance. He has been responsible for carrying out FTO projects and patentability investigations for local and international clients.

Articles y publications

He has published various research papers and publications in his field.

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"Self-declaration of the marijuana, tobacco, alcohol and cocaine derivatives in pregnant women in 2013 and 2016, Montevideo, Uruguay." Authors: Mario Moraes Castro; Fernanda Pinto; Camila Pereiras; Agustín Fischer; Carolina Vogel; Victoria Duarte; José Barceló; Claudio Sosa, Gabriel González.

E Scientific work poster: “"Evaluation of the strategies in the approach of the congenital malformations of surgical sanction in the Service of Newborn of the CHPR”. Authors: Drs. Sobrero H., Moraes M., Couto E., Blengio A., Braz J., González C., Rabaza R., Cordobez R., Vogel C., Fischer A.

E Scientific work poster: “"Incorporation of new respiratory strategies in premature newborns less than 1500 g - Incidence in neonatal mortality and pulmonary bronchodysplasia”. Authors: Sobrero H., Riveiro C., Maquieira P., Vogel C., Fischer A., ​​Moraes M., Ospitaleche M., Borbonet D.