Our Identity

Hard work and dedication exercised everyday.
We believe in hard work and dedication exercised everyday when focusing on the issues our clients entrust us with.

Day after day, we renew our commitment to do the best for our clients, with an unfaltering adherence to our values ​​of Loyalty, Perseverance and Excellence.

We are grateful to our colleagues and friends for their continued confidence in our work, as well as to all members of the FISCHER Abogados team for their commitment to uphold our spirit of excellence and personal improvement.

Continuing with a rich tradition in science and law.
Our activities in these areas of expertise find and recognize their deepest roots in the paths opened by our forefathers in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Dr. José A. de Freitas, predecessor of the present generation at FISCHER Abogados, marked a model to follow in the field of legal sciences.

In the scientific field, the work of Gustavo J. Fischer (1895-1958) who in the fields of agronomy, genetics and plant varieties, anticipated the union of Law and Technology witnessed today.