Tailored solutions for international intellectual property projects.

FISCHER International specializes in offering customized solutions for Intellectual Property projects in Latin America, accompanying our clients in the expansion of their business in Latin America and the region.

Why us?

FISCHER International is distinguished by a marked international vocation when it comes to providing legal and Intellectual Property solutions.

We are aware that in the modern world successful companies are those that conceive their activity from a global perspective, covering regions and not countries, and also taking into account the digital environment.

At the Team of FISCHER International we accompany our clients and help them to face the sophisticated legal and technical challenges of the current world, and at the same time maximize the multiple opportunities to add value to their intangible assets.

The FISCHER International Team has vast experience in the management of Trademark and IP Portfolios at the global level, management and coordination of international patenting projects, aswell as providing cross-border legal solutions.


We are proud to have a team of FISCHER International, composed of an interdisciplinary team of lawyers and professionals trained in the areas of international business and communications, who provide solutions in international project management and IP protection.

Our network of first class specialized local attorneys allows the team of FISCHER International to provide excellent services in Latin America and the World, and advise our clients with a comprehensive vision, which allows "to see the forest and not only the tree".

FISCHER LatamForce

We have a Team of FISCHER LatamForce, specialized in providing tailored solutions in terms of Intellectual Property in Latin America, through which we accompany our clients in the expansion of their business in MERCOSUR and the rest of the region.


At FISCHER International we provide practical solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

We take care of the coordination and management of projects in different jurisdictions, acting as the point of reference to the client and providing a comprehensive vision to make decisions.


Trademark Registrations
Investigations and Trademark clearance worldwide
Trademark Transfers and Licenses
Trademark Portfolio Management
International Trademark Surveillance
Oppositions and Cancellation of Marks
Trademark Defenses
Maintenance of Trademarks (including filing of Renewals, Declarations of Use, etc.)
Registration of Domain Names
Trademark Litigation
Trademark Infringements in the digital domain


International Patent Projects
Patent Application via PCT
Patent Searches and Freedom to Operate Searches (FTO)
Preparation and Drafting of Patent Documents
Management and Maintenance of Patent Portfolios
Payment of Annuities
Patent Litigation

Domain Names

Registration of Domain Names
Copyright - Entertainment
Audiovisual - International sales contracts
International co-production contracts
Software development projects

Legal Solutions

International Contracts
License, Distribution or Franchise Projects
Technology transfer
Business secrets
Cross-border litigation

Why choose FISCHER International to centralize a Trademark and IP portfolio?
  • The centralization of the Trademark and intellectual property portfolio, allows an orderly, consolidated and coordinated management of the IP assets of the client.
  • This allows to have a broad view of the state of protection of the same at a general level, allowing to determine which signs are viable at a regional or global level.
  • FISCHER International provides services both in the Latin American region and in European countries, Asia, North America and the rest of the world. Allowing in this way to protect the Intellectual Property of our clients globally.
  • Through centralization in FISCHER International, the client obtains the benefit of an optimization of resources, avoiding unnecessary duplication of signs, discarding regionally unfeasible signs, detecting the lack of registration of relevant signs in any of the jurisdictions.
  • Likewise, through FISCHER International, the client obtains a centralized management of the defense of their Trademarks when necessary, always taking into account the cost-benefit ratio of the actions to be taken and their importance for the client. We work the cases with a regional vision that allows to harmonize the handling of the arguments and defenses that are wielded at the local level in the different jurisdictions, avoiding contradictions. Likewise, this allows the use of favorable records from one jurisdiction, in another in which the same matter is being discussed.
  • We are aware of the legislation and administrative practice of the jurisdictions for which we provide services and are constantly updated.
  • Our practical experience in the handling of multiple cases in Latin America and the rest of the world, allows us to provide our clients with recommendations and reports, simple, uniform and executive, interpreting and making the complexities of each country simple.
  • FISCHER International has an excellent team and a complete network of professionals (local attorneys and international correspondents), where each member has a comprehensive profile. Our more than 20 years of experience in the international field have allowed us to meet the best professionals in each jurisdiction and select those that are best suited to meet each case, considering their needs and particularities.