Technology & Digital

We speak the language of technology. We decode its complexities and identify its implications.

Why us?

Since its inception, FISCHER Abogados has had a strong vocation and interest in the areas of technology and its intersection with law.

Our Technology & Digital Team accompanies all forms of technology and their impact on the activity, business and assets of our customers.

New technologies have a horizontal impact on all economic activities, and also pose important technical and legal challenges.

The link between Technology, Innovation and Law is essential, and in the era of the Digital Economy, no organization is left out of this reality.

Our Skills

We are proud of the FISCHER Technology & Digital Team, comprised of technology experts, lawyers and experts in Information Technology (IT), with undergraduate, postgraduate, specialization, and teaching experience.

Having a multidisciplinary team is essential to provide an integral approach to the phenomenon of new technologies.

At FISCHER Technology & Digital we speak the language of technology, we understand both its technical and legal aspects, we decode its complexities, and we identify its implications for the activity of our clients.


We provide creative solutions to the needs and challenges of our clients, in all technology and digital manifestations of their activities and businesses.

Including Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Cloud-based services, all aspects of doing business in the digital environment, domain names, Internet Law, websites, Technology Contracts, Legal aspects of Electronic Commerce, Technology Startups, Videogames, Software Contracts, Digital Signature, online enforcement of rights on the Internet and social networks, litigation in the digital environment.

Solutions in Technology & Digital

Technology Law
Commercial identifiers on the Internet
Domain Names
Social networks
Smart Contracts
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Internet of Things (IoT)
Cloud-based services
Litigation in the digital field
Anti-piracy online (Online Brand Enforcement)
E-Commerce Legal aspects
Technology Contracts
Video games
Distribution Contracts in Digital Platforms
Digital signature
Privacy & Data Protection in the Digital field
Confidentiality Contracts
Advice to Technology Startups
Software protection
Software Chain of Ownership
Labor Contracts & Assignment of Rights clauses
Advice on Innovation, Research & Development contracts
Legal aspects of labor relations in the digital field
Electronic Administrative Law
Electronic File
Digital signature
Information Security (Cybersecurity)
Technology transfer
New Technologies and Copyright
Big Data
Legal aspects of Datamining